What do I really do?

The things I focus on at work Posted by Lena Barinova on February 15, 2014 Know-how

I get this question quite often from people outside the company I work in. So I decided to gather main activities I perform as well as responsibilities I take at work into one short blog post. This is a kind of “elevator pitch” of what I do.

Every day I focus on three areas: people, process and product. My main target is to make the most convenient environment for people to perform efficiently while creating the best product for client.

Here is a short list of specific activities I perform in order to reach my target (categorized by main focus areas):


  • Interview & hire & on-boarding
  • Encourage people to take challenges
  • Help teams to focus on company goals


  • Drive tech excellence or refactoring projects
  • Make sure that nonfunctional requirements of a product are not forgotten
  • Drive GEO expansion projects


  • Maximize convenience
  • Steer the direction of process
  • Maintain culture and environment

What’s your “elevator pitch”?