How to answer salary expectations question

So, what are your salary expectations? Posted by Lena Barinova on August 26, 2014 Know-how


I don’t like to ask “money” question especially in early stages of interviewing process. But salary is really very important topic to discuss with candidate, so sooner or later the question of money arises during job interviews. In this post I provide my opinion how to answer it in the best way.

I like those candidates who know their price and are brave enough to name it. So I would say, that either defining a salary range or saying the exact number - is the best way of answering this question.

The second best - not to answer.

What I totally do not like, is when candidate starts his answer with:

…well you know… I have a wife (or kids, or a loan, or I prefer traveling first class, or any other irrelevant reason), that’s why my expectations are very high and I want to earn x amount

I find this answer very unprofessional. It sounds like one wants to make an inappropriate excuse for earning certain salary. For me the only reason why I want to pay money is the value (or potential value) than candidate can bring to a company with his passion, experience, knowledge, energy and drive.