If I were hiring a Product Owner…

...I would ask her/him Posted by Lena Barinova on July 5, 2014 Know-how

If I were hiring a Product Owner I would ask her one question:

How would you build Facebook if you were a Facebook (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, any other well-known product) Product Owner?

And I think this is a very good theme for a whole interview, starting with an idea and then discussing all other important topics:

  • Who is the main customer
  • What are the top features for the backlog
  • What team would be needed, what skills
  • What infrastructure will be needed for the product
  • How much investments do we need to start
  • What are possible monetization schemes
  • How fast may we expect profit
  • What loads may we expect
  • How will we grow this product

I think these are all very important questions for Product Owner to answer, even for existing ones and existing products. I came up with this today while reading http://thenextweb.com/dd/2013/12/02/much-cost-build-worlds-hottest-startups/.