My retro of 2013

Summary of major events and achievements Posted by Jelena Barinova on December 30, 2013 Know-how

As every time something ends I do a retro of how it was, I decided to overview the year 2013. So here is a summary post of things I’ve done and results I’ve achieved during this year.


I started this blog in march, 2013. Since then I’ve written 33 blog posts, that makes 3,3 blog posts per months in average. In total there were 2500 unique visits.


Top 3 most popular posts:

1. Lego game for Kanban workshop (503 pageviews)

2. Failed experiment: Self-designing teams (331 pageviews)

3. Summer camp: results – 2x performance, but feels like on vacations (331 pageviews)


This year was quite busy in terms of traveling: I’ve been 51 days abroad (including both business and personal trips) visiting 6 different countries (and by visiting I mean at least walk around a town, drink coffee, enjoy some local food). For the first time I’ve visited USA west coast, this was awesome trip (and not only because I’ve got married in Las Vegas :))

Presentations and workshops

For the first time I gave a talk to a big audience of approx. 100 attendees at Agile Day Lithuania on practical tips for better leadership slides. This was very interesting and challenging experience. This talk was followed by different lectures at Universities about Agile, Scrum, teamwork slides. In addition to that I also started giving 2 days agile trainings with workshops. I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge a lot.

Self-education and conferences

At the beginning of the year I attended English classes, later in spring took online courses on Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence. Starting from autumn - I’m attending Coaching classes.

Conferences and workshops I’ve attended this year:

  1. Agile Day
  2. Agile Tour (conducted lean coffee discussion)
  3. Build Stuff (conducted open space event)
  4. Change Clinic: Organize for Complexity by Niels Pflaeging
  5. Communication Excellence workshop by Travor Holmes

Quite a year! Looking forward for 2014.