Off-site with teams

Posted by Lena Barinova on April 22, 2014 Know-how

We are planning another off-site day with my teams this Friday. We did similar one last year Retro of last year and target grooming. This time it will be a bit different. The main idea is to change the place and think about work we do from different perspective - take a fresh look. I think it’s good in both ways: as a teambuilding activity and as an effective brainstorming of the product team works on.


There are two main targets this time. First - share the knowledge about the products each team works with and the second - make a short list of most important features (both technical and business) that teams plan to work on during next 4 months and of course share this as well. The plan is to conduct such kind of off-sites each 4 months and see how we do.

I consider running this event with the following agenda:

  1. Welcome talk - why are we here, what is the plan for the day?
  2. Product presentation (all teams together):
    • From business perspective - will be done by each PO
    • From technical perspective - will be done by team representative
  3. Grooming and planning next big features (in teams)
  4. Presentation of next features (all teams together)
  5. Closing

As a side take-away of this day - I plan to take a video of all the presentations and share it within a company for others to get familiar with product my teams work on.

Have you tried something similar? How did you do it? Do you have any suggestions for us?