Games to play during workshops and training

A list of games and exercises for your next workshop or teambuilding Posted by Lena Barinova on August 25, 2013 Workshops

Here is the list of exercises and games you can try playing with a small group of people during workshops, training or team buildings.


These games take from 1 to 4 hours. All are good to learn different Agile methods in practice.

  1. Make teams. In a team: one designer, one messenger, others are artists. Designer sees the requirements - picture and explains to artists via messenger in written form, no verbal communication. Artists draw the picture according to description they got from messenger. Do a couple of messages. Do review. Do retro. Repeat with improvements. Good for: learn Agile, teamwork, communication, break the “rules”

  2. Make teams. In a team: product owner, scrum master, others workers. Objective: create a travel agency brochure or a plain, or any other product. Work according Scrum, make at least 3 sprints, or play until the product is fully created. Good for: learn Scrum, teamwork, improvements

  3. Make Lego houses using kanban in teams. Here are detailed instructions how to run it. Good for: learn kanban, teamwork

Dynamic physical exercises

Very short up to 10 minutes. Very good between sessions, to stretch out bit and to move.

  1. Select 2 persons from a group and try to position yourself between them. Good for: dynamic, move

  2. Select a person from the group and try to get behind him. Good for: dynamic, move, feel the constant change

Team building

Medium long exercises up to 1 hour, very good in teams for team building, knowing each other better.

  1. Every one stands in a circle. No one is allowed to talk more than saying a number. The objective: count from 1 up to 15 (this number may differ according to participants). Each can say one number at a time. If sequence is broken - start all over again from 1. Good for: nonverbal communication, teamwork

  2. On pieces of paper write each participants name (each name on different piece). Pass paper around. Everyone writes down what does he appreciate about person named on this piece of paper. Good for: feedback, team building, positive emotions

  3. Describe the picture. Show a picture to one of the group. Invite another participant, the first guy has to tell what has he seen on a picture. Then first guys goes away, third comes. Second guy tells what he has heard. This way information is being passed through everyone in a group. Show picture to everyone at the end. It’s cool to take a video, and then analyze it together and see what phrases make what changes. Good for: verbal communication, team building

  4. Everyone writes down two things about himself: true and lie. One reads all things loud - everyone guesses who is this about. Good for: team building, knowing each other better

Do you know any other games to play in a team?