What I value most about Agile?

And what does my team value Posted by Lena Barinova on May 19, 2014 Know-how

All of us have their favorites in everything: favorite song, favorite smart phone feature, favorite board game,  etc. What about Agile features? I’ve asked my fellow Scrum Masters one day what Agile things do you value most?

top agile things *Graph based on the answers from 12 Scrum Masters colleagues of mine

Actually these results correlates with my list of favorites a lot. Here it is:

  1. Team focus on value delivery - this is my top 1. It’s pure beauty for me when I see how developers care about customers, ask PO for problem customer want to solve, not the solution how it should be implemented.
  2. Prioritization - working on the most valuable things first - that’s how we bring biggest value to client first.
  3. Self-organization in team - team decides how to do. It’s based on trust a lot and involves making “you are the best to solve it” assumption. Once it is done, teams are open to become the owners of their decisions.
  4. Deliver potentially shippable product each iteration - constraints drive genius. That’s why we automate our routines, create unit tests and make proper monitoring and triggering.
  5. Transparency and visualization - this helps you a lot in spotting weak points to improve.

What are yours top most valuable Agile things?