Late retro of 2014

Looking back.. Posted by Lena Barinova on January 7, 2015 Know-how

Following the tradition, in this post I’m looking back to 2014 to summarize most significant things that happened to me during this year.


I’ve managed to keep my blog alive! During 2014 I have written 25 blog posts (for 2013 it was 33), though I written less, visits increased almost twice - from 2500 (for 2013) to 4800 unique visits.


Top 3 posts:

  1. Games to play during workshops and training (1958 page views)
  2. Lego game for Kanban workshop (409 page views)
  3. 1:1 (316 page views)


This year was exceptional in terms of traveling for me. Not only I’ve visited 6 countries, was abroad for 54 days, but also I’ve moved to US in October.

Presentations and trainings

In 2014 I started to give trainings and consulting for companies that want to adopt Agile. I’ve done 3 two-days Agile private trainings for companies and 5 lectures for students. Also made one new presentation on how to deal with challenges (slides).

Self-education and conferences

In 2014 I’ve completed coaching course, took a couple more courses at Coursera. Attended these workshops:

  • High Performance through Learning by Niels Pflaeging
  • Product management workshop by Bob Marshall
  • In October became Certified Scrum Professional.



It was rather a sad moment for me, in October I left Adform and followed my husband to US. He got a job at Amazon, so I decided to look for new career opportunities in Greater Seattle Area.

Lots of great moments I had in Adform, meaningful and happy time working with smart people, newest technologies, creating the best ad platform.

Miss my great D&D team. In a photo you can see the farewell gift my team made me :)

Thrilled and excited I’m looking forward for 2015 and all the challenges and opportunities it’ll bring.